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The 3 Essential Files you will need for your new Logo

Understanding logo file formats

Understanding logo file formats can be tricky. The most important being that it is high-quality design that you can use to show off your brand. 

Have you ever noticed logos that are fuzzy, pixelated on websites or social media? The reason is most likely that the file format was not correct for the specific purpose. There are many file types for a logo that I'll explain below. 

Why do you need different logo file formats?

Some file formats are best for maintaining the best quality, while others for low file size. We need various files so that you have the opportunity to share your logo across different platforms without compromising quality. 

What are some examples of different file types for logos?

Here's where we can get a bit technical. Clients will only need a few file formats for most of their business needs. I will explain... 


A JPG or JPEG file is the most commonly used and is perfect for maintaining true colors and they are relatively a small file size. ALTHOUGH, not always the best quailty


A PNG has the option to be transparent which means it can be used almost anywhere with any background, whether it be an image or a color. The most important quality is that it maintains it's quality when resized. PNG files are usually larger, and is ideal for Logos but not the best choice for images.


A Vector file is how your logo SHOULD be designed, in an application such as Adobe Illustrator - Illustrator creates a vector file format which makes it editable for future usage. It is scalable to ANY size, but is not appropriate for usage everywhere. A Vector file comes in handy when a business needs large logo files for signage or for printing high quality files. 

Are there other file types I should be aware of? 


An EPS file is similar to an AI (Adobe Illustrator) file. It is best suited for editing and scaling a logo without losing quality. You wouldn't use an EPS file for images. 


An SVG is mostly used by designers. It is a file type that allows for editing, resizing and transparency. They are typically used for small icons and mostly used on websites because of the high quality and ability to add code.


PDF's are perfect for sharing your logo because they can be easily viewed by others. Almost everyone has the capability to view a PDF. 
I hope that this was helpful and has answered any questions you may have had about the most essential file types needed for your logo. Please beware of designers designing logos in photoshop - although they can be very creative in appearance, they will give you big trouble down the line. A logo must be created as a vector file. 

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