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"Drawing on my extensive 30-plus years of experience in Advertising Design, Publishing, Graphic Design, and Photography, I am highly discerning and passionately believe in providing my clients with a website design that is not only aesthetically appealing and tailor-made but also fully functional, straightforward to navigate, and easily discoverable."

~Barbara Tierney

First impressions mean everything for Sarasota/Tampa Bay businesses.

Well made, CMS-driven websites offer great performance, modern, custom design elements and ease of maintenance. This makes your experience with SunCoast Web Studio in the Sarasota - Bradenton area simple for you. We will create beautiful responsive websites from scratch, or we can re-design your out-dated website. Keeping your website updated is essential for your SEO efforts.

Why a WordPress Website? 

Today, WordPress powers 43.1% of all websites. Plugins extend WordPress to become ANY type of website you can imagine. From simple, mobile friendly designs to advanced eCommerce solutions, SunCoast Web Studio will get your website ready for search engines and other digital marketing strategies you execute.
It's Just Us Duo Website for Portfolio

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Websites have to be optimized for search engines in order to rank and be found on Google. As part of the Website Design Process, SunCoast Website Design Studio incorporates basic, organic SEO for all clients. For more robust SEO, and for highly competitive business models, I work with, and recommend a colleague, Kirsten Hopstaken from GYBO Marketing in Putnam County, NY. Kirsten has helped several clients with their SEO ranking. We highly recommend her.



At SunCoast Web Studio, we're proud to showcase our collaboration with Terry Fokine, a visionary artist whose work transcends traditional boundaries. Terry's website,, is a digital masterpiece that mirrors her artistic ethos.

This website serves as an interactive gallery, immersing visitors in Terry's world of vivid colors and bold strokes. Our design approach focused on creating an online space that feels like an art gallery, offering a seamless and visually stunning experience. Each page is crafted to ensure that Terry's artwork is the star, with clean, minimalist backgrounds and a layout that lets her paintings speak for themselves.

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Barbara Jendrysik Website Design



At SunCoast Web Studio, we're delighted to present our latest project:, a digital canvas that beautifully encapsulates the artistic spirit of Barbara Jendrysik. Known for her dynamic use of color and texture, Barbara's website is a testament to her creative vision and our commitment to beautiful website design.

The website is a visual feast, reflecting Barbara’s flair for blending the vibrant with the subtle. Our design philosophy was to create an online gallery that not only showcases her art but also tells her story. The homepage greets visitors with a carousel of Barbara’s most striking works, instantly immersing them in her world.

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Arbor Gallery

When Arbor Gallery sought to create their website using a self-builder, they quickly encountered limitations in design and functionality. Recognizing the need for a professional touch, they turned to SunCoast Web Studio. We undertook a comprehensive rebuild, focusing on creating a visually stunning and user-friendly digital space. Our approach involved a clean, contemporary design that highlighted the gallery's artwork, enhanced by intuitive navigation and robust backend features. This site also required an e-commerce component.The result was a seamless and engaging online experience that not only showcased the gallery’s collection beautifully but also improved its online visibility. This project is a shining example of how a professional redesign can transform a website from a mere digital presence to an impactful art showcase.
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My Favorite Yard Website Design

Landscaper / Contractor

My Favorite Yard

Completely new Website Design for My Favorite Yard Landscaping and Construction. Based in Westchester County, NY, Marvin Noguera was referred to me by a previous website design client. This is Noguera Landscaping's first website, built complete with copy and SEO. 

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Railyard Arts Studio

New Art Community in Croton Falls offering workshops, studio membership space and a gallery. This website uses FoxyCart for online payments for all of their activities. Check out the website - I created a montage video as a background with several clips and images (see video below)... 
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Video of Railyard Arts Studio Home Page
Railyard Arts Studio Website Design
Center for Hernia Repair new home page design


Center for Hernia Repair

Dr. Jonathan Yunis, MD, found SunCoast Web Studio on Google and asked for our help. His former website had been hacked and was riddled with problems. We built it from the bottom up using content and existing images as well as new images. He was extremely happy with the outcome.

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Maker Fragale & Di Costanzo

Built in Oxygen/Wordpress, my client wanted a clean, simple black and white website with spots of color. The client also wanted to reflect the beautiful Westchester / New York City / Hudson Valley Region imagery on the home page. We accomplished this and we are very proud of the result. Visit the site and let me know what you think! 
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Reed Nutrition

Reed Nutrition had not updated their website in many years. Dana contacted me to make changes on her current website, which was all html. I made those changes and suggested a redesigned site. This is where we were, and where we are now... 

Suncoast Website Design for Reed Nutrition in NYC



I have been designing several websites for Dow Wealth Management for the past few years. This website in particular has been continuously updated and changed. 
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Amanda Ayala Website




I've been working with Amanda for several years creating websites, posters and logos. Amanda Ayala was a contestant on NBC's "The Voice" in Season 9. Since "The Voice", Amanda continues to write music and perform. She just released her 3rd single, "Doin' Better" which you can find on iTunes, Spotify and all other music platforms. 

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Debbie Major


Debbie Major is a dynamic world-class vocalist and performer who has been thrilling live audiences for years. She is also a prominent vocal coach, songwriter/arranger and instrumentalist. It was such a pleasure working on this Website for Debbie Major!
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Debbie Major
Sarasota Facials Website Design and Logo Design


Sarasota Facials

SunCoast Web Studio was hired to create a new logo and website design for a new Spa in Sarasota, Florida. This site is designed in Wordpress with a Genesis Theme with several customizations 
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Stamford Home Oil

Stamford Home Oil had an outdated one page website which needed a complete overhaul. Besides the outdated appearance, the website was not being found in Search Engines. 

In addition to a new website design, we hired a colleague and SEO expert to come on board to optimize this site for Local Search Engines. We work hand and hand for my clients on SEO with amazing results!
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Stamford Home Oil Website Design
Tuscana Pasta Company Website Design



Website Design for a new Factory outlet store selling fresh artisanal style pasta, including delicious ravioli! (I tried it.) Four generations of pasta makers selling in The Hudson Valley in Peekskill, New York!
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Leonard Powers, INC of New York, NY

A family owned and very successful business in New York contacted me to re-design their outdated website. Leonard Powers is an expert and vendor or parts for Steam Operations, Energy Management, HVAC, Cogen, Solar and more! 

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Leonard Powers Website Design
The Jon Bates Band Website Design


The John Bates Band

THE JON BATES BAND is what's known in the entertainment industry as a "destination event band" — not your typical "wedding band"!

Jon Bates needed Website re-design. His former site was outdated and there were issues with functionality and navigation.

 In addition to the new website design and logo, I also shot and edited video for the website's home page and a Music Video as their sample wedding band performance for YouTube

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Northwood Inn Restaurant

This website features a live menu to enable on the fly changes, (as opposed to a pdf menu) a Calendar of Events and the ability to send e-blasts from the backend of Wordpress. 

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"Barbara has brought my business to a whole new level. My business has increased 10-fold since my website went up 5 years ago. Barbara comes up with new ideas to engage new customers. I'm so grateful for all of her ongoing help!" 

~ Zygmunt - owner of Northwood Inn
Northwood Inn Restaurant and Bar
United for the Troops Website Design


United for the Troops

United for the Troops is a 501 (c)(3) Organization who sends packages to deployed military. This website was a total overhaul from their previous website. The home page features a Video showing what they do to bring smiles to the faces of so many soldiers. I am proud to have been a part of this wonderful group! 

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Website Design Portfolio

I hope you like what you see in my Website Design Portfolio. I strive to create beautiful clean, custom, functional websites and happy clients. Loving the Sarasota - Bradenton area and hope to find NEW happy clients! Be sure to take a look at some of my client testimonials on the HOME page.

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